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It’s time to challenge everything.

The evolution of the payments industry continues to be driven by changes in technology and customer behavior. We work with clients to help them keep pace and capture the opportunities inherent in this shifting landscape.

The move towards a cashless society is underway. The technology revolution underpinned by new regulatory frameworks has ushered in new business models, consumer-centric products and new players that are challenging traditional institutions. The processing of personal data has given further importance to security issues. The regulatory landscape is keeping up with the pace of innovation. Companies have no choice but to follow suit.

We are mindful of the vast opportunities technological progress can create. Changing consumer trends underpinned by mobile technology and advancements in payment

products and services are opening new opportunities whilst also enhancing regulatory scrutiny. Financial institutions need clear licensing and regulatory environments where their business can thrive.

The Payments Practice is a recognized leader on topics such as licensing, regulatory compliance, PSD2 and open banking.

Financial institutions need clear regulatory roadmaps, licensing expertise and compliance advisory. Failure to keep up with the changes can determine one’s survival



Preparation of application pack, hand holding clients throughout the licensing process for financial institutions and liaise with regulators.

Open banking

Deep knowledge of PSD2 and the broader payments ecosystem, allows us to support financial institutions and challengers to grapple with open banking.


Regulations are developing at a fast-pace and breaches are being penalised heavily. Our focused team supports institutions deal with such a complex regulatory landscape and environment

Strategic advisory

Navigating through a fast-changing environment propelled by many disruptive forces requires high-level strategic advisory to support business model, execution, and operational changes.

Regulatory roadmaps

Organisations require support in navigating regulatory requirements and we can prepare a regulatory roadmap to match the business strategy and vision.

Regulatory & policy advisory

Our policy-making and regulatory experience in financial services allows us to support governments and regulatory authorities to develop policy and build their internal capacity.


Regulatory experience

Multi-disciplinary team

Team members vetted and approved by regulator

Network of European service providers

Holistic approach and service offering

Policy-making experience