Risk Assessments

Risk is the new normal. Today’s operating environments is dominated by risk be it market, economic, reputational, legal or geo-political risk. In today’s interconnected world, risks spread, and they spread fast. Business leaders need to be constantly aware of the risks they face and how these can be mitigated. Yet, there is an overload of information which makes the task even more daunting. Notwithstanding, risk management is about survival.

Seed understands this very well and has gone far to design its own methodological framework, drawing on international best practices, to help investors undertake an identification and assessment of risks relating to their operations and future investment strategies. Our method is robust yet simple to understand. Our advice is succinct. We base our analysis on in-depth assessment of available data, forecasts and trends which are benchmarked against the company’s performance or investment.

Our team draws from a multi-disciplinary skillset and knowledge base. Various team members have worked on firm, sectoral and national risk assessments. We are able to source specialist knowledge across sectors and jurisdictions when additional insight is needed. We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that our methodology, our advice and recommendations are well understood. Risk is everywhere and will remain so. We can help in identifying it and assessing it. That’s already half the battle won.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • A holistic identification of related risks

  • The undertaking of investigative procedures to arrive at an understanding of the potential threats and vulnerabilities driving each of the risks identified

  • Quantifying the associated probability of the risk occurring in the foreseeable future

  • Estimating the potential impact associated with the risk

  • Scoring risks on the basis of their importance and materiality

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