Financial Services

Financial services firms are facing an unprecedented range of challenges. Industry players have to navigate through a constantly changing regulatory environment, demanding compliance obligations and forceful enforcement actions. Technology advances and shifting consumer trends are today empowering new players with a general move towards customer-centric business models. This rapid transformation is demanding much more foresight and correct decision-making from business leaders.

At Seed, we know the financial services sector. Our multidisciplinary team has a deep understanding of the evolving market structures, economics, legal, regulatory and consumer trends across the sector. Our specialised team of consultants have amassed experience working for regulatory authorities and have been themselves devising and transposing directives and regulations. However, at Seed we also look beyond the industry and draw knowledge from across different disciplines.

This approach is required given the broad range of strategic challenges, both from within and outside the industry. Technology is allowing new forms of financial products and services to be delivered. European directives such as PSD2 and the advent of Open Banking have ushered in an era of disruption for traditional players. Financial institutions are today under enormous compliance obligations. The stakes are high. At Seed, we support our clients through a portfolio of specialised services.


We provide the following solutions in our Financial Services portfolio.

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