Financial services continue to face a highly regulated approach with licensing requirements and activities coming on-stream as the sector itself continues to evolve. The increasing role of technology and changing consumer habits have resulted in new licensing requirements for old and new products and services. Business leaders require specialised advice to navigate the changing landscape.

Seed is well-equipped to support business leaders in this sector. Home to a multi-disciplinary team, Seed is well positioned to support licensing applications for financial services. Our team has both the knowledge, understanding and professional experience to handle licensing requirements from beginning to end.

Our specialised team of consultants have amassed experience working for regulatory authorities and have been themselves devising and transposing directives and regulations. Whether it’s a new project requiring the obtainment of a licence or an extension for an existing venture, the team is ready to support companies and business leaders.

In completing licence applications, we take a personal approach and get to understand the underlying business model and mechanics. We take a multi-disciplinary advisory approach to drafting the business plan and financial projects and our regulatory team are able to handle the required policies and procedures that are needed. In short, having a regulatory background ourselves, we are able to delve into the detail in order to ensure that applications are well-received by the regulators. We are able to provide licensing services in:


We provide the following solutions in our Licensing portfolio.


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