Corporate Structuring

Choosing the legal structure on which to build, grow or restructure a business is one of the most important decisions that needs to be taken. Not only will this determine the manner in which your business is taxed but it will also impact your tax liabilities as a shareholder.  

Seed has an experienced team of senior corporate administrators, who have extensive experience in incorporating companies in various jurisdictions. Working hand in hand with our in-house tax advisors, who regularly advise clients, both on personal taxation matters as well as corporate taxation matters, the team draw up the most tax effective corporate structures for our clients.  


At Seed, we provide a comprehensive range of corporate structuring services,  a few of which include:


  • Advice on Malta corporate tax, including the tax refund system

  • Advice on the most optimal corporate vehicle to use

  • Continuation of foregin companies to Malta

  • Continuation of Maltese registered companies to foregin jurisdictions

  • Full suite of company administration services

  • On-going corporate governance advisory

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