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The importance of wealth preservation in sports

According to Sports Illustrated, 78% of NFL players who are retired for only two years file for bankruptcy, and after five years of retirement, 60% of NBA players suffer the same fate. These figures are shocking and reiterate the need for proper financial planning amongst sportspersons. The concept of wealth preservation is important for any client operating in any industry, however, more consideration needs to be given to the presentation of wealth for sportspersons and athletes, for a number of different reasons.

Enhanced Risk Management responsibilities for Company Service Providers

The MFSA has been working extensively since 2019 to bring about wholesale changes to the Company Service Providers (CSPs) regulatory regime. The recently published CSP (Amendment) Act, 2020 (‘Act’) marks the first step in implementing this reform. As part of its efforts to reform the sector, the Authority has launched an updated Rulebook for consultation, which is fully aligned with the Act and which establishes detailed rules on the governance systems, core functions and capital requirements expected of CSPs. In essence, this translates into higher expectations from CSPs to strengthen their governance structures and upgrade their systems, policies and procedures.

Malta’s Investment Migration Industry: The importance of maintaining high standards

The investment migration industry has always been under scrutiny for a number of different reasons and, despite the fact that the number of countries implementing such regulations is constantly increasing, controversy will remain. The important thing for a country like Malta, is to be able to attract the right number and quality of investors to the island. Thorough due diligence processes and transparency are key to ensuring that standards are kept high.

Digital to the core. A need for a digital society.

Over the past few years, Malta has continued making good advancements in technology and various efforts were launched in this regard. However, in a post-COVID world, the transition to a digital society needs to be more radical and holistic than previously imagined. This transition needs to be part of our economic recovery package with a stated priority of creating a digital society; a truly smart island which moves away from just delivering public services online but to becoming an island that is digital to its core.
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