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Digital to the core. A need for a digital society.

Over the past few years, Malta has continued making good advancements in technology and various efforts were launched in this regard. However, in a post-COVID world, the transition to a digital society needs to be more radical and holistic than previously imagined. This transition needs to be part of our economic recovery package with a stated priority of creating a digital society; a truly smart island which moves away from just delivering public services online but to becoming an island that is digital to its core.

How blockchain can accelerate sustainable developments

Rising human populations and consumption rates are straining our planet’s resources. Worse still, industralisation and urbanisation are harming the environment and depleting natural resources at alarming rates. Apart from these rising concerns, there is also the pressing issue of climate change that one needs to bear in mind. Sustainability initiatives have never been more important, and a technology which could play a role in supporting such intiatives is blockchain.
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