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Family Governance

Governance in itself is a set of processes for developing strategies and making decisions. ‘Family Governance’ refers to family businesses and the structures and processes they use to run the business. Many family businesses tend to take on the characteristics of the founder or founding family. However, as both the business and the family grow and ownership transitions, it becomes increasingly important to create effective models for collaboration and shared decision making among family members.

How esports changed the game

One may say that esports has revolutionised the worlds of sport and gaming. During the course of the pandemic, amidst the several lockdowns and social distancing restrictions imposed, people turned to video gaming for their source of digital entertainment. Whilst economies and stock markets where faltering, video game developers experienced a surge in users, engagement and revenue. Research conducted by KPMG shows that four out of five consumers played video games in the last six months in the United States alone. In addition to this, the highest earning media sector last year was gaming, where the global video game revenue shot up by 20%. It is worth mentioning that the revenue gaming brought in was far greater than the revenue generated by both the film and sports industries combined – a staggering feat!
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