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Bauhaus. Malta. The EU Green Deal. Our unique opportunity.

At the start of 2021,he European Commission unveiled its plans for the 'New European Bauhaus' initiative - an environmental, economic and cultural project aimed to design "future ways of living" in a sustainable manner. In a statement, Commission President von der Leyen said that, “the New European Bauhaus is about how we live better together after the pandemic, while respecting the planet and protecting our environment. It is about empowering those who have the solutions to the climate crisis, matching sustainability with style."

Unbundling productivity.

In 2021, the focus has been predominately on the economic recovery. With risks remaining on the upside, the economic recovery will happen gradually however despite of this, focus needs to be on ensuring that economic fundamentals are strengthened now. In terms of national economic performance, the pause in economic activity has definitely scarred economic conditions and resources. In order to prepare for the new economic wave, policymakers need to now focus on productivity and competitiveness. This is fact was the focus of the National Competitiveness Report published by the National Productivity Board.

Recovering through an industrial policy.

Industrial strategy has historically involved both horizontal policies that try to improve conditions across the national economy – such as taxation - and ‘vertical’ policies that target interventions in specific areas, notably sectors – such as manufacturing incentives or a framework specifically for life sciences. This vertical and horizontal dimension have become the conventional understanding of industrial strategy. It ignores the opportunity of a mission-oriented industrial strategy that reinvents the vertical dimension to focus on problems that draw on many different sectors. It also ignores the importance of supporting general purpose technologies that have the potential to transform production distribution and consumption across an entire economy.

Ecosystem Restoration

This year Pakistan will play a global host of World Environment Day. The event will see the launch of the United Nations Decade on Ecosytem Restoration. The initiative is a rallying call for the protection and revival of ecosystems all around the world, for the benefit of people and nature. It aims to halt the degradation of ecosystems, and restore them to achieve global goals. Only with healthy ecosystems can we enhance people’s livelihoods, counteract climate change, and stop the collapse of biodiversity.
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