What We Think

May 17, 2023

Driving a Corptech Revolution: Our Partnership with Binderr

At Seed we have always prided ourselves in approaching anything we do with a unique perspective. We have been working with Binderr in delivering the corporate services platform which is already helping many CSPs be more efficient and effective. This article is about why we embarked on this journey.


The corporate services industry has historically seen limited technological integration. At Seed, we view this not as a hurdle, but as an opportunity for innovation.

Together with Binderr, we are focusing on harnessing technology to make our operations quicker, easier, and more accurate. By integrating Binderr's platform we are not only enhancing our own service efficiency but are also setting a precedent for the industry.

Our collaboration with Binderr is a key step towards driving a tech revolution within our industry. Binderr's technology prowess will provide any CSP using the platform with a formidable advantage, enabling them to deliver smarter, more responsive corporate services.

Binderr’s technology is helping other Corporate Service Providers (CSPs) to manage larger client portfolios with smaller teams. By leveraging Binderr's technology for automated updates to registers, structures, document creation and so much more, CSPs can be confident in their client's compliance, freeing them up to focus on other value-adding tasks.

Through this collaboration, we aim to streamline complex processes, reduce operational costs, and enhance accuracy, all while ensuring total compliance. This will result in a significant leap in service delivery standards for clients, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

In essence, our partnership with Binderr represents a considerable leap towards a technology-driven future. We're enthusiastic about the potential this holds and remain dedicated to catalyzing innovation in the corporate services space. With Binderr alongside us, we're geared up to usher in a new era for corporate services.

We believe the collaboration with Binderr signifies more than a partnership; it's a testament to the game-changing power of technology. As we leverage Binderr's technological prowess, the corptech revolution in corporate services is not just a vision anymore; it's becoming a reality.