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April 10, 2020

Seed’s purpose

The most common question we ask at Seed is ‘Why?’. We are driven by the need to question and to always understand why we are carrying out particular tasks. We do not want to have a culture of doing work or tasks without understanding their purpose. This question was asked when we decided to set up Seed – we wanted to ensure that Seed had a clear purpose, which went beyond its financials. Before coming together, we asked ourselves ‘What would be the purpose of Seed’s existence?’. We believe that every business should constantly ask this question, both before the business is set up, but also throughout its lifetime, as it is easy to get lost in other stuff which is not in line with the original purpose.

To us, the reply was daunting, but simple – we want to make the world a better place by improving the lives of our employees, community and clients. We believe in starting from the little things and we believe that by helping the people around us have a better day, every day, starts to achieve our purpose. We cultivate a culture of teamwork, and we strive to help our employees achieve success, whatever that success may be.

We want to make the world a better place, by building a workplace where people are passionate about their job and excited to come to work, on a daily basis. We want to change society’s acceptance of the fact that the majority of people are not happy, or worse, depressed, at work – we believe that people should be excited about their job and this is reflected in the way we work, our offices and our culture.

We believe that a company with no purpose has no reason to exist.

We want to do things differently from other firms. Our focus will not be on the time being spent on a job, but on how that job is delivered. Whilst our standard weekly working hours will be 40, they can be worked from anywhere, at any time of the day – we will not have fixed office hours, nor will we force anyone to work constantly from the office. Everyone should be able to work at the time, and from the place they feel most productive. We believe that work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

Seed is a tech-driven and employee-owned company. A portion of the company’s equity is owned by its employees, depending on their role. There is also a loyalty pool of equity which will be owned by employees as they exceed a number of years with the firm. This way our employees can share in the profits and actually own the company they work for. We also have other systems in place to ensure that revenues from certain jobs are shared amongst all the team. We believe that Seed’s success is not dependant on 1 or 2 individuals, but on the whole team.


As part of our mission, we want to help our community and the lives of anyone who comes in contact with Seed. We are taking a number of initiatives to achieve this, and this includes assisting other local start-ups like ourselves. We also want to help other individuals find their purpose, in life but also in business and explain the importance of this. Pro bono work is something we will also be focussing on, and we have already a number of such projects, even during these early stages of Seed’s lifetime.


We take learning very seriously – we strongly believe in the development of Seed’s people both from a technical and a non-technical perspective. We believe that a company should support the growth of its team, not just from a career perspective but holistically. Non-technical training will be common practice at Seed – we will learn about issues such as nutrition, mental health, exercise and other aspects of life which have nothing to do with our technical service offering.

Finally, we wanted to share 2 quotes which really define what Seed is all about, adapted from the book 'Principles', by Ray Dalio:

‘We hire people we want to share our lives with’
‘We create meaningful work whilst building meaningful relationships’

We are excited to start this journey and we look forward to sharing more insights with you as we continue building Seed.

JP Fabri & Nicky Gouder

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