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Analyse. Analyse. Taxation Trends within the European Union.. (February, 2021)

This publication provides high level tax information on each of the 27 EU Member States. As the world becomes smaller it is becoming more important to be able to obtain an understanding of how transactions are impacted in different countries and not just in Malta. This publication provides essential information on the various tax systems within the EU at the click of a button.

Read the full Report here.



Next12. Reflections by some of Malta's thought-leaders on 2021.. (January, 2021)

Next12 brings together some of Malta’s leading thought-leaders in their respective field to share their insights on a number of areas and topics and their developments throughout 2021. With still a prevailing sense of uncertainty, the world will surely continue to transform itself in a number of domains. There is no doubt that the world will change. Business and trade will change. Social dynamics and our way of life will change too. We need to start thinking of a new normal and Malta is no exception.

You can read report here.

Malta Budget 2021


Malta Budget 2021. (October, 2020)

This document presents a detailed review of the Malta Budget for 2021. Apart from a high-level description of the measures announced by the Government, the report also gives a detailed economic context and analysis which should serve as a backdrop to this unique budget.

You can read the full report here.



Propose. Budget 2021. (September, 2020)

Seed launches its pre-budget recommendations with a two-pronged approach. The first set of recommendations focuses on a short-term stimulus package to continue supporting real economic activity with the main measure being the gradual reduction in corporate tax for local businesses. Second set of proposals are anchored around a long-term vision for the island.

You can read the full report here.

Taxation of M&As


Taxation of M&As. (August, 2020)

This is the first publication in the series ‘Taxation of..’. This series aims to shed light on tax matters in various transactions and industries. This particular publication provides a detailed explanation of the tax matters in M&A transactions – it looks at the tax treatment from both the buy-side and the sell-side, on both asset and share deals. The last section of the report also delves into the issues of Change Management within a M&A, which are often overlooked and are so critical to the success of the M&A itself.

You can read the full report here.

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers


Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers. by Wolters Kluwer. (August, 2020)

Seed, together with GVZH Advocates and Singhania & Co Solicitors, London, published the Malta chapter of the Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers by Wolters Kluwer. The chapter delves into various aspects in a M&A transaction, including the economic, tax, legal and also aspects relating to change management, which is something often overlooked in the

You can read the report here.


Regulatory & Compliance

(r)Evolution. PSD2, Open Banking and the future of payment services. (July, 2020)

The way we bank and make payments is changing faster than any other financial services area. New technology and changing customer expectations are shattering the status quo and ushering in a growing number of new players that are challenging the traditional role of banks.

This new research report by Seed, sheds light on the adoption by local credit and financial institutions of Europe’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which introduces the concept of Open Banking within its regulatory framework. To gauge the Directive’s impact and measure the level of preparedness in the financial world, we undertook a qualitative and quantitative research study of representatives from close to 20 leading credit and financial institutions. We have used the results to inform this report.

You can read the report from here.



Agile. Perspectives on the future of Malta’s economy post COVID-19. (July, 2020)

This publications aims to contribute to the national debate and to stimulate business and policy leaders to embrace the future and to start working towards a much-needed recovery plan that is anchored around a long-run vision for Malta. The research report complemented by consultations with 18 social partners, 20 business leaders, 15 expert contributions and an economic survey with 385 participants.

Can be download from here.

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