Residence & Citizenship

More and more families are seeking a second citizenship or a change in residence for a number of reasons, including personal safety or accessing broader opportunities for their families. A number of countries have met this interest by issuing a number of citizenship-by-investment and residency schemes. The schemes vary in requirements and scope, and families require trusted advice to choose the right one for them.

At Seed, our team of consultants are well-placed to support individuals and their families throughout this journey. We understand that the decision to change residence, invest in a second citizenship or relocate is a very personal decision and comes with its challenges. We ensure that we assist our clients every step of the way, from a technical perspective, in order to advise them on the best possible solutions available, and also from a practical point of view, so as to ensure that their relocation is as pleasant as possible.

Our process is end-to-end. We are there from the very beginning when we analyse each case and we recommend the right scheme for the individual and his family. We will handle the application process making it as seamless as possible to the applicant and we also draw on our tax and corporate expertise to ensure water-tight solutions. We are proud to say that we have built long-standing personal relationships with our clients given our personal yet professional approach.

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