As the world becomes more complex, business leaders need to not only understand this complexity but find solutions to their most pressing challenges. Economics and its broad toolkit allow this. Whether it’s the commercial reality of the business; what is really driving customer behaviours; or the political context, economics offers a deep understanding of the challenges and the solutions at hand.

We understand the complexities that business leaders face. Navigating today’s challenges and preparing a business for tomorrow’s realities, requires foresight coupled with deep knowledge on the current state of affairs. Economics offers a lens to understand the world around us and to forecast future changes. We use economics to shed light on the most pressing issues and challenges that a business faces today as well tomorrow.


At Seed, economics is close to heart. Our dedicated team of economists apply their toolkit to understand consumers, firms, markets and policies. However, our multi-disciplinary team draws its strength from the fields of tax, finance, management, law and regulatory to provide our clients a complete and holistic analysis and assessment. We also draw from external consultants when specific sectoral or jurisdictional knowledge is required. Our methods are rigorous, yet our advice is succinct, actionable and understandable.

To achieve this, our toolkit of services includes the following:

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