Perspectives on Malta's economy post-COVID19

April 14, 2020

Crises mark transitions and turning points. And it is exactly at these turning points that crises are productive. This is the moment when we can remove the aftertaste of catastrophe and use it as a “decisive turning point”, as per the meaning of the Greek word krisis.

This is our belief too. As Seed, we believe that this crisis can indeed allow us to chart a new path. This publication seeks to not only analyse the impact of COVID-19 but more importantly to present a number of research-based recommendations and perspectives of this new normal. Agile. Perspectives on Malta's economy post COVID-19 presents an economic analysis supplemented by interviews with business leaders, social partners, expert contributions from different realms and an economic sentiment survey.

We believe, more than ever, that this is the right time to define our future. Let us together work on charting an inclusive and sustainable economic model in the long run; where quality is valued more than quantity, where the environment is given its due importance and where the economy works for people.


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