Corporate Governance

Business and regulatory environments are today fast-changing and have become more complex. Regulators expect good quality and transparent corporate governance standards from shareholders, directors and companies themselves. The agenda is constantly moving with focus being on the broader elements of corporate governance, requiring boards and c-level suites to be will-informed and advised.

Corporate governance is today becoming a more critical agenda item for the regulator in Malta. Focus is going to turn on governance structures, policies & procedures, adherence to such policies and compliance to regulatory reviews. At Seed, we draw on a pool of multi-disciplinary professionals who can support boards and c-level suites on strengthening their governance culture.

At Seed, our approach is fact and regulation-based drawing from international best practice. Members of our team have worked across different sectors including private companies, regulators and listed companies bringing in a wealth of experience in corporate governance.

The appropriate corporate governance practices for a particular organisation need to be tailored and designed for that organisation. One size definitely does not fit all. At Seed, we have developed a suite of services to support your governance needs that includes, but is not limited to:

  • An independent assessment of current governance practices

  • Design of Board and Committee charters as well as instruments of delegation and policies

  • Board and Committee performance evaluation

  • Preparation of Board reports including Annual Reports

  • Governance training

  • Strategic governance advice to Boards and CEO’s

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