Cost Benefit Analysis

The success or failure of a project many a times depends on having the right and complete information at hand when making the decisions at the onset of the project. We understand the risks and responsibilities that business leaders face in taking critical decisions. Economics provides the right tools to support decision-makers in assessing projects.

At Seed, we believe in the power of economics in supporting business leaders. When evaluating projects and investments, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a rigorous and holistic tool. It is a systematic process by which expected costs are weighed against expected benefits to determine the best course of action and provide assurance to the soundness of investment decisions. It also provides a baseline for comparing projects by determining which project’s benefits are greater than its costs. CBA frameworks go beyond financial data. They capture broader concepts including environmental concerns, social value and sustainability.

Our consultants have extensively applied and used CBA methodologies in a variety of sectors, such as energy, environmental and tourism sectors, both locally and abroad. This experience allows us to deliver CBAs in an understandable format and framed within a context that allows business leaders to be confident in taking the required decisions.

Along with providing robust quantitative measurement, we focus on:

  • Placing results within their wider context

  • Making the process meaningful for our clients

  • Deriving the policy implications of our findings

  • Building the capacity for businesses to understand and potentially use CBAs themselves

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