Data & Business Analytics

Data is the new oil. Consumers today are interconnected throughout most of their day through a network of devices and platforms. Data generation is abundant, however only becomes relevant if knowledge and insights can be extracted from it. Learning from past and present data allows businesses to better predict consumer trends, patterns and behaviours. Business leaders today need support to transform data into knowledge.

Leveraging data as a strategic asset can help make better decisions, forecast business outcomes and build a smarter enterprise. Seed provides organizations with effective ways to analyze and model business events using internal and external data. We do so by applying advanced analytical capabilities through the lens of our multi-disciplinary team.

Our team fully understands the power of data. We know what insights and trends one can extract from such data and also build models to allow predictive analysis of future trends using past data. Our team of economists have a strong quantitative skillset and have experience in data modelling. Seed is also supported by external advisors and has a partnership with a data science company that is able to support the extraction and calibration of data. We are able to support organisations throughout the complete data cycle and strategy, including choosing the right indicators or proxies, modelling and more importantly communicating data in an accessible manner with a succinct set of insights.

Our complete data offering includes:

  • Analysing, interpreting and communicating data in meaningful ways

  • Powering effective decision making

  • Predicting customer trends and behaviours

  • Predicting sales and enhancing growth prospects

  • Improving business strategy to deliver better performance

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