Economic Impact Assessments

The measure of success for any project or policy ultimately rests on its impact, both intended and unintended. Business leaders and public authorities require tools to quantify and trace the impact of such investments. Economics provides the tools required to quantify and communicate the impact of projects and policies both directly and indirectly.

At Seed we have the skills and expertise to undertake these holistic assessments. We also have our experience to vouch for it, having conducted and been involved in a number of impact assessments across different sectors. We also have a deep understanding of impact assessments of R&D projects. Such Economic Impact Assessments typically make use of financial and economic information. Our methods allow the quantification of impacts of projects, policies and sectors on the broader economy.

Our method is rigorous and complete. Drawing from and beyond economics, we use additional insights from across our team and also make use of our proprietary data and research. We do not stop at the numbers and results. We take pride in communicating them to the decision-makers in a simple, clear and accessible manner to ensure that these results are backed up by a narrative. At Seed, we are rigorous and methodical in both our approach and execution.

Our toolkit for the undertaking of EIAs includes:

  • An estimation of direct effects in terms of gross value added, employment and fiscal contributions

  • Industry specific type I and type II value added, employment and income multipliers, which take into account direct, indirect and induced effects

  • Scenario based analysis to the impact of hypothetical events

  • A qualitative assessment of potential impacts that goes beyond the economic estimates

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