Feasibility Analysis

Realising a project takes more than just a good idea. Establishing the viability of an idea or action can determine whether that idea will ultimately take off. The options are many and no business can afford getting it wrong. Business leaders require the right tools to decide which option is best and which project or investment to pursue. Getting it wrong is no longer an option.

At Seed, we understand the complexity surrounding business decisions. Alternatives, risks and unintended consequences can seriously undermine a project feasibility. Capturing them and quantifying their impact is therefore central to any decision-making process. We understand that business leaders and Boards might be too overwhelmed to look into each possible scenario. This is where Seed comes in.

Our toolkit of tried-and tested methodologies and frameworks, provide critical and unbiased feasibility studies that support decision-making processes. Seed draws strength from its multidisciplinary team of economists, tax advisors, financial planners and lawyers to deliver tailored solutions that can support business leaders through the whole cycle of the feasibility analysis. We also draw on our own experiences of doing business, thus ensuring that ours is a personal and reliable contribution to your business decision-making process. We’re there to provide independent and robust analysis.

Our approach to feasibility studies will help project management:

  • Identify the optimal timing for launch and execution of project

  • Assess demand, supply, challenges and opportunities

  • Make better cashflow projections

  • Develop a strong business case

  • Tap into funding sources

  • Gain better insights into supply chain management

  • Enhance project team's focus

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