Market Intelligence & Research

Changing consumer behaviours, disruptive technologies, new competitors and increased global threats continue to offer challenges to business leaders. Having a pulse on changing environments and a lens on the future, is key to any decision maker. The power of information, insights and data has never been so important. Yet, so many businesses do not have the knowledge or resources. That’s why we are here.

At Seed we believe that market intelligence and research are critical tools for the effective management of all business organisations. We are highly skilled and experienced in assessing data available on issues, sectors and jurisdictions. With a skillset and experience in public policy and applied economics, we are able to supplement available data with survey research. We sift the data; we gather insights and we formulate clear succinct advice. Our toolkit is broad. We have designed methodologies which draw on international best practice to help you understand the environment in which you operate, reducing risks in the process and helping you make informed decisions.

We use research methods, both numerical and qualitative to understand consumers, markets, firms and policies. Collectively, we have supported a number of local and international clients, both in the private and public sectors, to get a better understanding of present and future challenges.

To equip leaders with the insights required, Seed offers:

  • Industry specific insights drawing on data from official sources, our proprietary database and tailor-made solutions to obtain market intelligence

  • In-depth perspectives on ranging socio-economic and political issues based on years of experience serving local and international clients across various sectors of the economy

  • International insights, with a specialized focus on geo-political risks, to support organizations in their investment decision making

  • In-depth perspectives and segmentation of customers, markets and competitive landscapes

  • Sectorial benchmarking and identification of granular growth opportunities

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