Policy Appraisals

The pace and sources of regulatory and policy changes is unprecedented. Policy making is today multi-factor and powerful lobbies continue to influence regulations. Businesses require visibility on such changes and more importantly on the impact such regulations will have on their operations. Gauging the impact of regulations and identifying new opportunities that exist can prove vital in today’s environment.

We understand the complexity of regulations. However, our toolkit includes various frameworks that can be used to simplify and allow business leaders to understand the consequences and opportunities that regulation can bring. Policy appraisal studies follow a systematic way of bringing evidence to bear on alternative policy options, weighing up both costs and benefits, their distribution between different parties over time, uncertainties and risks, as a way of assisting the development of policy.

Seed is very well positioned to assist both public and private sector clients with policy appraisals relating to several issues and sectors. Our team brings direct policy-making experience. Our consultants held key public sector positions and were directly involved in the drafting and implementation of a number of national policies, covering telecoms, financial services, tourism, energy and transport. We also bring international policy making experience as members of our team have consulted international governments and remain involved in The Commonwealth Secretariat.

Our policy appraisal approach typically involves some or all of the following elements:

  • Identifying and clarifying policy objectives

  • Identifying alternative methods of realizing those objectives – a set of policy options

  • Identifying relevant stakeholders and drawing up an engagement strategy for each stakeholder

  • Systematically assess costs, benefits and risks of different policy options

  • Choosing the most promising option or options

  • Devising a proposed implementation and communication strategy for the preferred option, including lobbying

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