Regulatory Impact Assessments

Today’s business environment is shaped by an ever-increasing amount of regulations. This is not expected to abate but will only intensify. Compliance and enforcement have enhanced regulatory risk for businesses. However, regulation also has the potential of providing new opportunities for businesses. We understand that regulations are complex and that business leaders need to only understand the impact of such regulations.

At Seed we have the expertise to support you in understanding the regulatory landscape, its impacts and opportunities. Seed boasts of a multi-disciplinary team that draws talent from across different professions and experiences including with key regulatory authorities. Our members have worked at the highest levels of the public sector and regulatory authorities, covering telecom markets, financial services and general competition matters.

This experience allows us to guide and support business leaders in understanding the regulatory landscape and impact. Our advice is always given with a clear understanding of the wider context, the operating environment of the firm and the opportunities regulatory frameworks bring along. We have quantified impacts of regulatory frameworks for a number of firms across different sectors and we have also advised regulatory authorities on the expected impact of proposed regulations. Seed also has access to international networks, bringing in expert knowledge of foreign jurisdictions, specific sectors and the European Union.

Our approach to regulatory impact assessments is designed to produce the following benefits for our clients:

  • Outline the benefits and costs resulting from the implementation of regulatory policy

  • Integrate multiple regulatory objectives to understand the wider context

  • Improve transparency and consultation

  • Improve regulators’ accountability

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