Cyprus citizenship-by-investment programme

Cyprus has also launched its citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programme in recent years. We understand that citizenship programmes need to suit the particular circumstances and plans of the applicant. The Cyprus CBI programme provides an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to enter and invest in Europe both for themselves and also for their family. The Cyprus CBI programme is currently suspended.

Seed is very familiar with this CBI and its application process. Drawing on the support of our tax and corporate teams, we have supported families restructure their investment and business structures accordingly. After advising applicants on which programme is best suited for them, we lead them through the application process.

At Seed we have a team of individuals assisting our clients before, during and after obtaining citizenship in Cyprus. We assist and advise our clients both from the aspect of the legal requirements, tax implications and also show clients around the most interesting parts of Cyprus, depending on which city they choose to invest and live in. We take a personal approach to our clients' needs and ensure they are fully aware of the requirements and obligations before they make a final decision of investing in the Cypriot programme. We are proud to say that we have built long-standing personal relationships with our clients given our personal yet professional approach. The programme has a number of benefits including:

  • Visa free travel to 160+ countries

  • Access to high standards of education and healthcare

  • The possibility to reside indefinitely in Cyprus, in a political and economically stable jurisdiction

  • The possibility to obtain residence in any EU country as an EU national

  • The possibility to become tax resident in Cyprus and benefit from Cyprus' attractive tax regime and gain access to a long list of Double Tax Agreements

  • The possibility to work and start a business in Cyprus

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