Key Employee Initiative

Malta has been attracting key talent to its shores given to the fast-paced economic growth and increasing number of international companies setting up in Malta. The Key Employee Initiative (KEI) is a fast-tracked work permit for non-EU/ non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals who obtain employment in Malta in a managerial role at a salary of more than €30,000.

Through the KEI, work permits will be processed within 5 working days in order to ensure that the employee will be able to start working in Malta in a short period of time following the confirmation of his/ her employment. The introduction of the KEI has drastically improved the process for obtaining work permits for the above-mentioned individuals and has also helped employers in Malta obtain the expertise of individuals residing outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Seed assists both the employer and also the employee when assisting individuals obtain their work permit though the KEI. We ensure that all documentation and information is in hand to ensure swift processing. We focus on getting it right the first time, as we understand that timing is key for both parties. We advise the individuals on tax implications of obtaining their work permit and of working from Malta, in order to ensure they are fully aware of their tax obligations - we continue to assist these clients to ensure they remain compliant. The benefits of the initiative include:

  • Possibility to obtain a fast-tracked work permit in Malta

  • Possibility to live and work in Malta until such Work Permit is valid

  • Access to free health care provided by the state and also education for the applicant's children

  • Access to Schengen area and to enter the EU without the need for a Travel Visa

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