Malta Residence & Visa Programme

Permanent residence is also something which many individuals and families are seeking, especially those hailing from countries that do not allow a second citizenship. Here again, the Maltese programme, the Malta Residence & Visa Programme (MRVP), has been highly sought after by families especially since it allows VISA-free travel and access to Schengen area.

Seed is well-positioned to support individuals and their families in applying for MRVP. We take a personal approach with every applicant. We understand that moving to a new country, with new procedures, systems, legal framework, and also a new language could be overwhelming. Our team is specifically focused and trained in this area giving our clients a holistic advisory approach which also draws knowledge from our tax and corporate team to ensure that any investments are aligned with personal choices too.

Apart from handling the complete application process, we take pride in assisting clients with settling into Malta. As locals, we also pitch in with the more practical stuff, including the ideal locations to acquire property, culture, norms, education and healthcare providers. We ensure that the relocation process is smooth, seamless and enjoyable. We believe that the MRVP offers a number of benefits which include;

  • Access to, and free travel within, the Schengen area

  • Access to high standards of education and healthcare

  • The possibility to reside indefinitely in Malta, in a political and economically stable jurisdiction

  • The possibility to become tax resident in Malta and benefit from Malta's remittance basis of taxation and access to a long list of Double Tax Agreements

  • The possibility to work and start a business in Malta

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