Ordinary residence – EU Nationals

Freedom of movement is one of the fundamental freedoms within the European Union and is the basis of the possibility for EU/ EEA or Swiss nationals to obtain residence in Malta. Individuals who will be spending more than 90 days in Malta, will have to register as a resident through a relatively straight-forward process.

At Seed, we take pride in offering holistic advisory services. Our immigration and tax teams work together when advising clients on the requirements and implications of becoming resident in Malta. Depending on the number of days spent in Malta, and also other conditions, the individual could also be considered to be tax resident in Malta - our tax team provides a clear explanation of what this means and what the tax implications and annual requirements are.

Like any other application programme, we ensure that all documents are in order. Our key focus is ensuring that the application gets processed swiftly with no unnecessary delays. Our approach is also highly personal, and we go beyond simply advising on the technical matters. We support our clients also on the softer points especially in helping their transition into Malta. Obtaining residence in Malta confers a number of benefits, including:

  • Possibility to live in Malta for more than 90 days

  • Possibility to become tax resident in Malta and be taxed on a remittance basis (not on world-wide income)

  • Should the individual obtain tax residence in Malta, he/she will have access to 170+ Double Tax Agreements

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