Single Work Permit

Non-EU, Non-EEA and Non-Swiss nationals could obtain a work permit to live and reside in Malta through the single work-permit route. There are various cases when an individual could apply for a work-permit through this programme - the most common two, and Seed's focus, relate to individuals who have found employment in Malta and individuals who are shareholders of a Maltese company satisfiying certain conditions.

As with any work-permit application we understand that timing is key, both for the employee and also the employer. In most applications the devil is in the detail, and our immigration team ensure that all documentation is in hand and in place. Our tax team also advises clients on the tax implications of living and working in Malta and supports them on an annual basis in the preparation and submission of their annual tax return. We focus on giving our clients a complete advisory package in not only obtaining the permit but also in remaining compliant.

At Seed, we are focused on ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible for the applicant. Our team of consultant are multi-disciplinary, and we draw on the experience of a number of teams including tax, corporate and immigration. By working together with the client, we ensure that the advice is holistic and tailored to optimize each personal requirement. This route offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Acquiring residence in Malta, which allows the individuals to live and work in Malta

  • Access to Schengen counties through the Maltese residence card

  • Possibility of entering the EU without the need for a travel visa

  • As a result of being tax resident in Malta, individuals will be taxable on a remittance basis and not on world-wide income

  • Possibility of benefitting from a wide network of Double Tax Agreements which Malta has in place

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