Mergers & Acquisitions

In today’s business environment, as competition intensifies, M&As are going to become critical. Various sectors in Malta, and world-wide, will require to undergo a consolidation phase. Companies that will have exhausted organic growth potential, will look at M&As to increase their growth potential. However, M&As require deep strategic insights and implementation in order to truly add value.

Seed draws from a multi-disciplinary team of consultants drawing from diverse yet complementary disciplines of tax, legal, economic, financial and corporate structure. We ensure that the proposed M&A transaction is aligned to the corporate strategy. Our tax team ensures that the transaction is structured to minimise the tax burden and works hand-in-hand with our corporate and legal teams. We also support the post-merger transition to ensure that the transaction will add value in the long run.

Our approach is holistic in nature. We support companies seeking new growth opportunities by identifying and approaching targets to acquire. We have also supported companies looking at divestitures by packaging the assets and preparing for the transaction. Our approach is systematic and process-driven to ensure that we can hand-hold the full process in a seamless manner and keep on supporting also post-merger integration. Seed offers deep understanding, a clear process and disciplined execution.

Our approach provides the following benefits:

  • Clear growth strategy through M&As

  • Support throughout all of the transaction lifecycle

  • Achieve tax savings without compromising the commercial requirements

  • Design a structure which is sustainable for the longer term

  • Support in divestiture of assets

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