Business founders and leaders build businesses and products to build value. However, recognizing such value, especially intellectual property, behind products and services is not an automatic task. Knowing the economic value and importance of an assets’ intellectual property rights assists in the strategic decisions to be taken on the assets. Such knowledge can support decisions relating to growth strategies, divesting of assets, mergers & acquisitions, financing and tax planning.

Valuations are an art just as much as a science. A comprehensive valuation report requires a deep understanding of the industry fundamentals within which the business operates and of the company or product being valued. Drawing from our multi-disciplinary team and expertise, we are able to offer a holistic approach to company and product valuations. We are particularly strong in Intellectual Property.

Our team of professionals includes economic, financial and tax consultants with experience in valuing companies and brands across a number of sectors and jurisdictions. Our approach follows international best practice and methodologies and we are able to deliver robust valuations. We also perform valuations for tax purposes and related consulting in accordance with the regulations and guidance established by tax authorities.

At Seed, we work with our clients to ensure that regulators understand our conclusions and valuation methodologies.

We have the competence to apply valuation techniques for:

  • The purpose of a merger, acquisition, joint venture or bankruptcy

  • Negotiations to sell or license intellectual property rights

  • Support in situations of conflict, such as court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration

  • Fund raising through bank loans or venture capital

  • Internal decision making

  • Accounting or tax purposes

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