Indirect Tax

The raise of international trade has forced companies to navigate the ever-growing complex field of indirect taxation, in particular VAT. With a dynamic and fast-changing rulebook across different jurisdictions, VAT compliance is a headache that most firms have to deal with. As commerce shifts more onto the digital space, indirect taxation needs to be on every business leader’s agenda.

We make it our business to know enough about yours so that we can anticipate opportunities and problems and act quickly to deliver a solution. At Seed, we ensure that VAT is not thought about in isolation – what might work for a VAT issue may create a problem elsewhere. We therefore take a holistic view with expertise across other areas of taxation. Areas that we advise clients on include overseas trading, registration requirements and one-off transactions which fall outside the normal trading activities for a business.

We can also carry out a more general VAT review to enable your business to take a pro-active approach to its VAT affairs. This will either provide comfort in knowing that the business is VAT efficient or give an early warning of exposure to VAT errors that could give rise to costly assessments, interest charges and penalties. We may also be able to identify VAT opportunities to improve cash flow.

  • Take a holistic view of the business and not view VAT in isolation

  • Speed of response

  • Pro-active approach to VAT affairs

  • Identify VAT opportunities to improve cash flow

  • Give an early warning of exposure to VAT errors

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