Investment and Innovation Incentives

Investment and innovation are the rule of the game. Companies and start-ups are continuously engaging in activities that include investments and innovations. We understand all too well that any business is keen on receiving support in this regard. Incentives and tax credit schemes exist but are complex in nature. Business leaders require visibility on the right incentives in order to support investment decisions.

Seed’s multi-disciplinary team of consultants draws from tax advisors, economists, lawyers and finance professionals. We have a deep understanding on various local and European incentive structures having advised various public sector authorities on such incentive structures. Working closely as one team, we can support companies through the life-cycle of their investment projects from feasibilities to tax advice and incentive application. Seed has helped businesses of various sizes spanning across different sectors to tap into such incentives successfully.

We work on a very collaborative approach with business leaders. Our approach starts from the investment and innovation strategy that the firm is planning and we align this strategy according to the business needs, sectoral requirements and existing tax incentives. Our aim is to allow the organization to recover the highest permissible amount under current incentive structures. As Seed we do not stop at the advisory stage, we support the business in the application and post-qualification stage to ensure full compliance and issuance of the respective incentive.

  • Tap into financing solutions aimed at incentivising local investment

  • Obtain cash grants, tax credits or soft loans

  • Improve cash flow within your business

  • Reduce the cost of financing your investments

  • Minimise the company’s tax burden

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