Personal Tax

Taxation is a personal matter. Professionals, high net worth individuals and their families need to be ahead of the curve in knowing tax rules and guidelines. The need for having trusted advisors has never been so urgent as the complexity of the tax landscape presents challenges and opportunities. We understand all too well the need for personalised tax advice.

Seed is well-placed to deliver personal tax advice. Drawing on the experience of working with a number of high net worth individuals and families, our tax team has the required knowledge and discretion to work on personal tax matters. We advise individuals on the tax issues when relocating to Malta and their taxable income once they obtain tax residence in Malta. We also assist with the preparation and annual filing of an individual’s tax return, together with advice on the various tax residence programmes applicable to EU and non-EU nationals.

Our scope broadens according to the circumstances of our esteemed clients. Our goal is to optimize wealth structuring through the creation of structures such as foundations and trusts to reduce the tax liability stemming from income tax, capital gains and duty on documents and transfers.

If you are an employer or an employee, we can advise you on special tax programmes that apply to employees such as the Highly Qualified Persons Rules and the Qualifying Employment in Innovation and Creative Rules and also assist in fringe benefit value computations.

  • Personal, individually tailored and result-oriented support

  • Double tax treaty expertise to deal with cross-border issues

  • Assistance with relocation to Malta

  • Advice with wealth and succession planning

  • Assistance with tax on employment

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