Although our work changes constantly, our values do not. As a purpose-driven organisation, we built Seed around three core values that define us, our work and our causes.

Empowerment is one of our founding values. It defines our culture, building trust, mutual respect and encouraging teamwork. Our investments in technology, the promotion of remote working, clear career paths and personal development support are testament to our take on empowerment. We believe in human potential and we care about creating an inclusive atmosphere and are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

We care about making a difference; for our employees, for our clients and the wider community. Caring is another value close to heart. We care by creating and maintaining a working environment and culture that supports and values people. We care for clients by delivering exceptional outcomes, striving to deliver more than expected and by building long-lasting relationships. We care for the wider community by supporting initiatives by partnering up with charities and through pro-bono work.

Integrity is also another defining value for us. As an organization we have a responsibility towards our employees, our clients and our communities. Integrity is a guiding principle which guides our approach with anyone who deals with Seed. It confirms our view of the importance of trusted relationships and continually drives us in building a strong, professionally disciplined, well-governed organization.

Empowerment. Care. Integrity. This is us, Seed.

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